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Slow Dancing With Stingrays Walker's Point Center for the Arts

CBS Evening News, A New Type of Performance Art, April 14, 1997


Intergalactic Inter-species Penetration Intro (Uncensored US, Minneapolis, NYE 09-10)

The Future (Uncensored US, Minneapolis, NYE 09-10)

Nitrous Oxide Black Widow Spiders (Uncensored US, Minneapolis, NYE 09-10)

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Finger Of God (Uncensored US, Minneapolis, NYE 09-10) UNDER CONSTRUCTION


mole vs. cleavage (mind plasma! clip #2)

intergalactic lesbian dolphin jet-pack philosophy (mind plasma! clip #3)

exploiting underage calvin klein ocean mammals (mind plasma! clip #4)

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cardboard & duct tape imagination (mind plasma! clip #5)


evolution of the laser-cock (mind plasma! clip #6)

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Sun Showers of Day Dreams Wonderful Weather Warning, Thai Joe's, May 26, 2001

Atomic Rapture (with rockin' crowd response) Madison Public Television

paradise of light* Multimedia Installation, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Art Gallery


My Cock Heckler Response WMSE Friday Night Freakshow, Times Cinema, November 1, 2002

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Intergalactic Inter-species Penetration Drop Bass Network performance

Electric Karma Subway Surfing Blues Drop Bass Network, Alliant Energy Center, December 31, 2000

Abrasion Stations of the Lost Installation Drop Bass Network, Alliant Energy Center, Madison


Handshakes & Lovin' Hugs Drop Bass Network, Alliant Energy Center, Madison

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Jesus Raves Electro-Crucification & Salvation Installation - Drop Bass Network event

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All Time High Experience - Superstars of Love

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Chemical Brothers Show - All Time High Experience - Superstars of Love


King Dong Pocket Pussy Intro spoken word performance, Thai Joe's, March 27, 2000

Mystical Mother Mary Blue Fairy Candy-girls The Milwaukee Poetry Slam, spoken word mix

Electric Karma Subway Surfing Blues University of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, April 7, 1999

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Alien Soap Opera Transmissions From Outer Space University of Milwaukee, Wisconsin


David Cassidy On Acid MTV VJ Clips, Art Institute of Seattle $20,000 Scholarship Winning Video

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Book of Madness (w/Mark Borchardt), Milwaukee Short Film Festival, June 6, 2004

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Any High School in the USA, The Coffeehouse, March 21, 1992

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The Tightrope Walker The Y-Not II Tavern, December 3, 1991


The Tightrope Walker Fresh Meadows Poets Poetry Contest, The Living Museum, New York City, 1990

The Tightrope Walker Carleen's apartment, 1988

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In the City, Anthony's garage apartment, 1989

Aerodynamic Bunny Ears Help Stabilize My Flight (Goth Is My Co-Pilot) Michigan UP, Easter 2007


life-changing fluoroquinolone drug reaction hell ride