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strangeness in ordinary things
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"'mind plasma!' is kind of like that cosmic truth that emulates from the drive-thru pickup counter at McDonalds or the back of the hardware store. Not necessary from a place you expect it, or is even worthy of the truth itself."

Why is it so easy to figure out your neighbor, but infinitely harder to figure out yourself? Over the years, I have created many installations for rave promoters, and it has been relatively easy. It required little brain-work to figure out their concept, and it was fun creating artwork that helped define their event. So I figured defining my own concept of "mind plasma!" would be even easier, simply because it's me. Not so, it has been the hardest and most humbling brain-work I have ever done.

At first, I had some success defining "mind plamsa!," so I figured the rest would just come to me, but it hasn't. So I have resorted to keeping a detailed list of examples over the years. From Ptolemy to Depeche Mode, I am slowly closing in a definition. Some of my peers suggested it's a never-ending process, which may be true, and I am not afraid to admit that, but my instincts tell me otherwise. Slurpees, sea-monkeys and sex toys: there is unexplored science and drama there which is profound.

"Finding things that really trip you out and really make you think, it could be ordinary things, but in those ordinary things there is some kind of strangeness...that will blow your mind."

mind plasma! performance art-umentary recorded in TJ Richter's apartment, Milwaukee Wisconsin, September 17, 2003. Camera-person: Andrew Rosas

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