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mole vs. cleavage
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The original story: I was talking with a beautiful women promoter with enormous cleavage about getting a show, but she had two moles on her neck that were very ugly, but very interesting, and my eyes didn't know where to go. I was looking at the cleavage, looking at the moles, then looking back at the cleavage, I didn't know where to look.

These were tall, skinny finger-like moles, like skin-tabs I guess, and when she talked, the muscles in her neck were making these tall finger-like moles wiggle, like they were talking to each other, just like we are talking to each other.

So I completely lost sight of the conversation and gave in to the weirdness...I started fantasizing we were the two moles, talking to each other, looking down at even more enormous sized cleavage due to our change in scale. "Human sized moles, hot air balloon sized clevage, this is a good thing," I thought. I was on complete auto-piolet negotiating for the show, I couldn't concentrate on anything: moles, cleavage, money, they were all fighting for my attention, and I guess the moles won. They were the gateway to even greater ugliness and beauty. Fortunately everything worked out and I got the show. I think she knew the whole time, but how could she? That's mind plasma! right there, WHEW!

mind plasma! performance art-umentary recorded in TJ Richter's apartment, Milwaukee Wisconsin, September 17, 2003. Camera-person: Andrew Rosas.

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