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mind plasma! definition
Why is it so easy to figure out other people, but so difficult to figure out yourself? I thought I could easily to come up with a definition of "mind plasma!" but it appears it will be a life-long process. To set up a framework to contain it, to give it closure, I started the grocery list below. Remember, this is a work in progress, a rip-cord of my creative process in case of unexpected expiration date expiration.

mind plas•ma! noun 2000 ??? 2001. first used and created for XM Satellite radio show called mind plamsa! See #20 below. Coined like a term Rod Serling coined in The Twilight Zone.

1. The transformation of utter ridiculousness into a shocking realization of cosmic truth.

Usually presented in a iterative manner where a comical issue escalates into a matter of absolute seriousness while still retaining a comical presentation. "He obsessed over weirdness like a cow chewing it's cud, each idea growing stranger and stranger until, like tumblers of a safe falling into place, planets alined, and the uttely ridiculous transformed itself into a shocking realization of cosmic truth, sugar-coating his consciousness with a strip-mall happy meal aura of enlightenment."

2. Finding strangeness in ordinary things that trips you out, makes think, and loves you. Nature has been creating weirdness for millions of years. How can you compete with it? Example: Nature, Animal weirdness, ticks. Look in book. Dolphin story?

3. Cosmic truth emerging from an unexpected place or situation not worthy of the truth itself. Example: In the movie, Saturday Night Fever John Travolta argues with his boss in the back of a hardware store. Tony wants his boss to pay him on Friday rather than Monday so he has spending money for the weekend, but his boss refuses because he wants his employees to have spending money for the future week. Tony says, "Fuck the future!" and his boss replies, “No Tony, you can’t fuck the future, the future fucks you!”

4. A technical diagram, flow chart, or equation composed of absurd elements relating a cosmic truth.


6. A series of large, multi-sylable words describing a complex process, or seemingly complex process in a poetic manner. "The rover had high-resolution stereo-vision to survey the Mars landscape." -- NASA Mars rover mission

7. An everyday truth which, by chance circumstance, becomes applicable to a larger universal realm.
A strip-mall cosmic truth that extends to the cosmos. Looking to hit that peaktime strip-mall cosmic truth. Getting big answers from small questions.

8. To feed your eyes, ears, and mind on the odd, awkward, and ugly, rather than the beautiful. When the eyeball forgoes beauty and is attracted to uglyness like a magnet.

Example: Tell story from mind plasma! movie. I'm looking at the mole, I'm looking

This definition also extends to other the senses of touch, taste, and smell as well.

9. A relaxed state of consciousness where fact, humor, and imagination coexist in an absurd triple point of expression. Like impulse power on the Starship Enterprise, mind plasma! is a natural state of imagination where icons are perceived easily without effort. Being high. A funny mood. "He floated in a mind plasma of ideas; a primordial soup of fact, humor, and fantasy."

10. A piece of information or idea that pushes past passive truth and motivates one to think or create.

Thought provoking power emulating from a piece of information or idea, not the original idea itself or the new ideas that spring from it. The power that creates thought and innovation.

New ideas springing an original idea, that have nothing to do with the original idea itself.

physical or mental action. motivates one to think and create. Sometimes humores

(inspires you to take action, motivates you), .

11. The thought provoking power that springs off one idea to create another. The story had a lot of mind plasma! people started making even more jokes and laughed.

dynamic action magically pulsates

12. Applying pure scientific reasoning and analysis and deduction to absurd subject matter.

13. Warping reality with the revelation of cosmic truth (major or minor) is an empty motion.

14. Depeche Mode vs. Jimi Hendrix
Live version of Blaphfious Rumers. 5 instruments sequenced. The only thing new is Dave Gahan going "OH!" at the end of each chorus. The only thing not sequenced is solo that sounds like a cheesy oboe. When dude plays it, tens off thousands of people go, "OH!" Which in a way is even more amazing than Jimi Hendrix playing at Woodstock, because he deserves the accolades, and Depeche Mode does not.

15. mind plasma! is getting it on with your mind

I'm getting it on with your mind.
I'm going to get it on with your mind.

16. mind plasma! process
Perversion in itself without some knowledge to pervert is a empty motion.

Collect knowledge and facts and then pervert those knowledge and facts to trasform them into cosmic truth.

17. big glob of imagination

It's an art gallery, it's a story, it's a comic book, it's music, it's video, it's history. It's a big glob of imagination.

18. mind plasma! is not just in the artwork, it's all around you

Remember mind plasma! is not just in the artwork, it's all around you, always pulsating with weirdness and fun. Look for it!

Remember "mind plasma!" is not just in the artwork, it's all around you, always pulsating with weirdness and fun in deceptively simple complexity. Look for it!

The logarithms of weirdness and fun!

19. Concept Decoration

I am more of a concept guy, "Alien Soap Opera Transmissions From Outer Space," that's "mind plasma!" Then I take that concept and decorate it with colored pencils, costumes, and sound effects. I write a story around it and turn it into a complete performance with crazy hand gestures and body movements.

No need to get stressed over the creation process. Just think of something crazy that expresses daily life. Get excited, have fun, and get in touch with the pleasure-centers of your imagination.

mind plasma! is getting in touch with the pleasure-centers of your imagination.

You need to relax, think of something crazy that expresses daily life, get excited then decorate it. No need to get stressed out about it. No pressure, just have fun.

Then the pictures come from there. Colored pencils, costumes, sound effects. I use whatever means I have to manifest that "plasma!"

Take that concept and decorate it, pictures, costumes, sound effects, crazy gestures (name every parameter). Don't stress, just relax and decorate.

20. mind plasma! expansion process of truth

mind plasma! is the quirky emergence (parthenogenesis) of strip mall truth, which by some strange transformantion, expands itself into a universal cosmic truth.

21. Misguiding the misguided arriving at cosmic truth. Two negatives make a positive. The misguided taking a wrong turn arrive at the right place at the right time.

22. It is an aberration when there is no aberrations.

23. mind plasma! is strip-mall philosophy that arrives at true holiness.

24. Applying the scientific method to the ridiculous yields unexpected truth.

25. Slurpees, sea-monkeys and sex toys: there is profound science and drama hidden there.

26. Jr. High genius. Jr. High school student addressing the great issues.

Example: money sign on pope.

27. Fun, weird, and true.

28. Successful Misdirection

of impeached Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich

"Misdirection, perhaps, in its highest art form."

– New York Times

Misdirection, perhaps is the highest art from.

Misdirection, is perhaps the highest form of art.

Juvenile misdirection is perhaps the highest form of art.

Juvenile misdirection is the highest form of art.

– TJ Richter

29. Jerry Burtram on Socreties, "know thyself."

"Yea, once you know yourself, how are you going to live with it?"

30. Total cultural media anarchy, a black swan data bomb.

Disturbing truth that provides equal amounts of enlightenment and confusion that freaks out everyone from the far left to the far right to the average citizen. Total cultural media anarchy, a black swan data bomb.

disturbing truth presented as total cultural media anarchy. I am talking about dropping a multi-dimensional black swan data bomb.

...from militant feminists to fundamentalist christians.

31. e. e. cummings spelling of mind plasma! verbal verve

"mind plasma!" is spelled in lower case with an "!" exclamation mark at the end. Why? Because from humble, lower-case nouns spring exciting exclamation marks of reverbing verbal verve!


"A cosmic truth that emulates from the drive thru pickup counter at McDonalds, the back of the hardware store, an interview with Milli Vanneli, or defective Ford Motor Company transmission. Not necessary from a place you'd expect it, or is worthy of the truth itself."

"They'll have high-resolution stereo-vision to survey the landscape." (from the NASA mars rover mission):

mind plasma! is an expansion process of truth, from strip mall to cosmic. It is the quirky emergence of strip mall truth, and the strange transformation of that truth to something absolute, universal, and cosmic.

mind plasma! is the quirky emergence of strip mall truth, and it's strange transformation into cosmic truth.

mind plasma! is the quirky emergence of strip mall cosmic truth, which by some strange transformantion, expands itself into a universal principle.

certainty. standard

A humans selfish, self-centered interpretaion
a black swan

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