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performance philosophies

Formulating my craft like an early 90's performance poetry wizard (heh heh) with paranormal, universal life-force rays, only visible on emulsion film, emulating from my left shoulder (Y-Not II Tavern, Milwaukee).


This is a work in progress, my rip-cord of creative process in case of unexpected expiration date expiration.


1. Interchangeable Velcro DNA Body Parts
Mirroring the advancements in DNA research, all body parts are interchangeable with velcro. Velcro DNA! "Endless forms most beautiful" – Charles Darwin. Pre-date Spore. Moving forward, take responsibility for life on earth, genetically re-engineer ecosystems. Complete protein plants.

2. Remember: groupies fuck the costume, not the man.

3. Mexican Alebrije Costume DMT Trip Philosophy

My costumes are a performance art Mexican Alebrije. Not only do my costumes incorporate various animal body parts, but also different animal and life form videos/illustrations projected on to the skin like a cuttlefish DMT trip.



1. Mass Audience Bumble Bee Daydream

Zoologists consider bees to be a group organism, a single living entity. So when those baby bumble bees in the honeycomb dream, they must have single shared unified dream, not separate dreams. That's what it's like when I perform, everyone is dreaming together as one like a single shared hive of bumble bees, dream.

When I perform, it's not about me performing as a singular, tripped-out (Morrison-like) entity. It’s about everyone daydreaming together, in this one singular daydream in a faraway place that we've arrived at through the happy bee dance.”

So I figure when they sleep the don't have individual, separate dreams, but dream TOGETHER as ONE, as a singular entity.
and they do everything together as a single unit, I imagine when they sleep they don't have singular, indivdual dreams but

one mass communial dream

of the flowers and nectar and the happy bee dance.

I am the dancing bee leading you to honey.

Scientists consider bees to be a group organism, a single living entity. When those baby bumblebees dream in the honeycomb, since they are a single organism I think of them having a single shared dream, not separate dreams.

T.J.: “You pack yourself up at home, and then you're on a mission, you're flying. You know that in six or eight hours you and a bunch of people are going to impinge at a point in time and space, and do it. It kind of feels like you're a bumblebee giving directions to the honey. You're going to meet a bunch of people that you don’t know and show them some imagination.

When I perform at a really far away place, I feel like a happy bee who's dancing, giving directions to the honey, and sharing the dream.


When I perform at a really far away place, I feel like a happy bee who's dancing, giving directions to the honey, and sharing the dream. It's not about me performing as a singular, tripped-out entity. It’s about everyone daydreaming together, in this one singular daydream in a faraway place that we've arrived at through the happy bee dance.”

Invoke a mass daydreaming state of hyper-consiousness.

collective dream.
of flowers and nectar and the happy bee dance.

2. 20 Second Eternity

Remember, the clock is always ticking and 20 seconds is a long, long time.
In 20 seconds you can travel enormous distances of time and space.
Imagine traveling to the far spiral arm of the milky way a million years ago. See? We just did.

Imagine a pre-historic protozoa underneath a decaying leaf on the bottom of the ocean floor, gene-spliced with and angel of light on the far spiral arm of the milky way a million years from now.

Learn from Coolridge's KUBLA KLAN,
absorb information, trip on it, then write.

(I'm a daydreamer, I present my daydreams to people,
that's what I do. The more I perform, the more I realize it's not a vanity thing, you know, ME as a spectical, rock star performer, It's about WE, me acting as a cheerleader getting people to daydream TOGETHER.

3. Throw your text and drawings

Write words, draw pictures and put them in a book, then lay that book out on a coffee table. Performance art is not about that. Why do that when you can throw your writing and drawing at an audience, like a monkey throwing its' dung at the zoo.

4. Multimedia music composition

I always wanted to be a musician, but I never got there. I can't even sing. But I view my multimedia show like a music composition of synaesthesia: words are notes; sentences, melody lines; and projected images are chords. Instead of strumming a chord on a guitar and singing, prefer to trigger the next image by and talk!

5. The most important thing is to do it

The most important thing is to pull it off. I would like to be sucessessfull, do even more. But what has to happen is to do it.

6. Playing a chitty chitty bang bang kaleidoscopic calliope
You play theater lighting and sound equipment like a musical instrument, like playing a chitty chitty bang bang kaleidoscopic calliope.

X. Performance Future: artistic expression of genetic engineering in the pet industry

7. Weirder Than Nature

e-mail #1

Yo, I am trying to define my starting point. This is what happened:

"I was busting my head trying to think of weird shit. I would think of something weird, only to find out later nature had already created something weirder in the animal kingdom. I realized that nature has been evolving weird shit for millions of years, and it is something very difficult to compete with it.

Then I asked myself, "Why am I competing with something I am part of?" I decided rather than compete with nature, I should personify it. Personify it's weirdness, and then take it from there. Which is why I stared using animal costumes in my show."

e-mail #2

These are unfinished thoughts, so bear with me, I do not know where I am going.

One way you can help, is if you know any current information that relates to this, let me know. Even if it's a minor newspaper article. You never know what inspiration could spring from it.

If you want to comment on the scope and direction, please do. I bet you have an angle on it. You seem very well informed.

Also, there is very little funk here, I am just trying to establish a basic framework/skeleton.

It will be my job to add the funk later.

I tried to keep it short, thank you for your patience.

Read on:

I think about genetic engineering a lot...

#1. the warm up

Once they have gotten past correcting important medical issues, and then male-pattern baldness...

I think about the effects of genetic engineering on the pet industry.

I want a yellow and purple polka-dot frog with dual sets of hind legs like a hopped-up dune buggy with DMT secreting glands for lick-able toad trip vision quests.

I want a pink, glow-in-the-dark cat, with vodka-laced saliva so when it licks you, you catch a buzz.

Look at the great, innovative toys they are designing these days.

Once this innovation hits the pet industry the sky is going to be the limit for bug-eyed crazy pet fun. It is exciting to think about.

#2. performance art genetic morph

With my show I am evolving to interchangeable velcro body parts to morph into different characters.

I found out that the building blocks of DNA for all creatures is the same. DNA for a body-part or process in one animal is duplicated in another. Nature does not re-invent the wheel each time.

Which is kind of cool, 'cause that's the direction my show was/is going in.

So I am thinking about the genetic evolution in the past that could have been, genetic evolution that would be more "moral," sexual, and fun. Evolution that should-have/could-have been.

I am thinking about where genetic evolution will go in the future and how it will be altered by man.

I am thinking about all the creatures I want to morph into in my show, and the specific order of creatures. Everything should build in a dramatic process with velcro and funk. Perhaps I will get cute fairy-girls to help me morph with different body parts live on stage. That would be hot.

I am thinking about the ultimate creature I would morph into at the end.

It would have the best aspects of all known creatures, plus a few more aspects that are new and unique, plus it would be a cyborg, maybe some kind of angel-like deity.


The gene-spliced genetic art morph.

To get to the "weirder than nature creature" you are going to have to follow the classic evolution process (just like everything else in the universe, including the developing human embryo sprouting gills). When you evolve to the final state of nature weirdness, that's the time to shift gears and bust out the gene-spliced cyborg archangel covered in office supplies (staplers, stapler removers, paper clips, etc.).

You are a defender of bio diversity, and then pro-actively re-working the genetic code, i.e. Isaiah Chapter 11. Talk about "When is the future going to get here?" Fruit with meat proteins.

My goal should be to personify nature and develop something weirder than could produce naturally.

When Charles Darwin looked at nature he saw, "endless forms most beautiful," that's what I see when I go to the hardware store with those new ergonomic battery-powered electric drills.

Which is weirder: an old man performance artist jumping around in his long underwear, or a young one?

I am striving for is 100% plasma!

I am a live music video

I communicate hallucinations to people.

I am striving for is 100% plasma!

Leave no mind left unblown.

change your name: mind plasma!
define yourself
I want off broadway, all over the country
think in thousands not hundreds

8. Future Force of Nature
I am a creature of light and imagination, a burning bush in the desert, a Saint John the Baptist of the strange. I am a screaming-orange, foot pounding future force of nature reconstituting itself into a hyper-adrenalin, fangs ripping veins out of your enemies throat, rage of base in your face, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! I am the future, of the digital, underground.

9. Misguiding the misguided will arrive at cosmic truth.

10. Costume Evolution

Costume: follow classic evolution process, plain white underwear "spirit" of life, evolve into different animals, then morph into your ultimate custom life-force with office supplies. A pan-dimential gene-spliced cyborg archangel covered in office supplies. Laptop coming out of chest, simply describe yourself. Best animal for each sense. Dolphin skin. Senses that humans don't have like sea turtle magnetic field sense.

Somewhere in some rare abstract organic dimension
there is a great Amazon-river mouth source of all love
like an inverse black hole of affection.

Not just the human love, the mouse love, the love of all creatures. The cycborg love too, the love of computers, arching up into the pan-dimential love of arch-angles.

Somewhere there is a great, Amazon-River-source of all love,

in some rare organic/abstract dimension.

Yes...that would be called...a negative black hole of affection.


8. multimedia hyper-cube projection system

multi-media hyper-cube projection system. Palazzo Vecchio


#9. comedian in reverse (inverse comedian)

Bill Hicks
Bill Hicks will not only reveal a new cosmic truth, he will go one step beyond and make a joke out of it.

A comedian takes cosmic truth and makes it ridiculous.

What I do is the reverse, I take something ridiculous, and extrapolate some cosmic truth out of it. I'm a little more practical that way.

Reveal cosmic truth, blow your mind, then twist it inside out, and blow your mind again.

#10. The Stage!

Yea, the stage is like surfing and crack. Or better yet surfing on crack. Once you do it, you can't think of anything else.




; )

#11. Surreal to sublime

Creating surrealism is not enough, that barrier, while admirable, was broken down years ago; it is an unresolved dream. The art you create must resolve to the sublime, a practical message springs from the fantasy.

That's what happens when you sleep. You have this crazy dream, a fantastic drama, then you wake up and it resolves into a practical message you can understand.




Early 90's poetry performance at the Y-Not II (note the paranormal, universal life-force rays, only visible on emulsion film, emulating from TJj's left shoulder).

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