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Cascades of Lemonade Mermaids

With big science, and mad love,

like Mission Control in the missionary position,

T-minus, 10, 9, 8, 7...6 9, and lift off, ka-BOOM!

(Imagine the lost moon of Neptune as a land-less planetary glob of pure MDMA liquid ecstasy, held together by it's own gravity and surface tension, with mermaids swimming pole to pole uninhibited by land masses and the shifting of tectonic plates, in a love potion ocean of devotion.)

Seeing is make believing

w/Cascades of lemonade mermaids,

Doing handsprings off purple paisley daisies,

On the lost moon of Neptune

Vaulting, and Olympic-gold-medal summer-shine summersaulting,

Into crystallin' stone skippin' trapezoidal pools of jewels:

Those are the winking periwinkle eyes that say, "Oh my!"

by TJ Richter

© 2006 Theodore J. Richter

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