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“intense spoken-word act with light, sound, and his own bizarre works of art”

– The Onion



– Thrasher Skateboard Magazine


"A new type of performance art that may seem, well, a little odd."

– CBS News


"could have been a model for Edvard Munch's The Scream"

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


"strange costumes...bizarre stories...a fascinating array of visual and sound effect...realize the outright addictiveness of his absurd sense of humor"

– Steven Snyder, TimeOut Movie Critic



Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


“synapse-burning rants about druggie consciousness, professional dick-heads... the gooey center of this modern world”

– Isthmus (Madison, Wisconsin)


“blasted the crowd with a high energy dose of poetry”

Milwaukee Magazine


“heavily adrenaline-induced, action-packed”

– The Shepherd Express (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)


"He is, in human form, the essence of what our (rave party) events are: chaos, sensory overload: sound, light...the whole nine yards."

– Kurt Eckes, Drop Bass Network, Milwaukee


“the true spirit of what original rave parties were about, education/entertainment both for the thinking man and stupid raver high on drugs.”

– Matt Bonde, Editor of Massive Magazine


"definitely fucking with everyone’s heads, poor trippers.”

– kc raves forum


"skips the whole ingestion aspect of psychedelics and moves towards the thought patterns"

- Synn, MySpace e-mail


"one of the best parts of the party...I found myself sober, watching him more than the dj's."

– Sarah Fluttafly (Lucky Charm, March 17, 2001)


“wildly entertaining...his quirky brand of performance art hit the spot when the party couldn't”

– kc raves forum


"The night shift is usually so boring, you're hilarious, thanks a lot man!"

– Chicago union transit workers fixing the L-train tracks directly behind the AVIT building (they could see and hear the show from the tracks)

North American VJ Convention, Chicago 2003


"We love your laser cock and balls. xxxxx"

– Blam Blam Magazine (An erotic beside journal for women)


"I saw him...and was just confused and intimidated by his legendary lazer cock"

– radical-edwerd, mnVibe Forum

Uncensored US New Year's Eve Party 2009-2010


"Thank you for selecting Mad Planet to house this fantastic event!"

– Marc Solheim, Mad Planet


"It was totally a pleasure to have you out here on Halloween. Looking forward to do it again. Good times.”

– Ryan Smith, DJ Mr.Re, Uncensored Us


"I'm tripping way too hard for this, but I can't look away.”

– Seth (Bi Polar 2)


"I was totally sober...that made me question if someone secretly dosed me"

"the most bizarre thing I've seen yet at these events"

– Burning Passion, Glow Gear Vendor, MN Vibe

(Uncensored US New Year's Eve Party 2009-2010)


"an electric rainbow love-punch, straight to the third eye”

– Mandy Cappleman (MySpace comment)


"I was having the worst trip of my life...then your set came on, and it was like the clouds clearing during the worst rain storm in history...made everything seem just fine and dandy...your set saved me from my bad trip."

Ashley Fairbank (MySpace comment)

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