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University of Wisconsin Women's Resource Center

I am a strong supporter of women's rights. For my X-Rated King Dong show, I worked with the Women's Resource Center to produce appropriate advertising.

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Women's Resource Center
Union WG93 • PO Box 413 • Milwaukee, WI 53201
Office 414 229-2852
FAX 414 229-2851

November 17, 1998

Dear TJ,

On behalf of the Women's Resource Center I would like to thank you for taking the time to meet with me. Many people have expressed their appreciation that the banner was changed. I must say that I was also pleased with having the banner changed. I was glad that you were willing to compromise with us. Being an artist myself, I know it is not always easy to have people object to your work. I am glad you were able to see why it was offensive to me and others.

I know you had mentioned that in the future if you work with UWM and you want to know if something is offensive that you would come and ask us. On behalf of the Women's Resource center, I just want you to know that we would be very willing to help.

I hope the program went well.

Thanks again,

Programing Intern

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