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velcro genetic engineering costumes of the future

Intergalactic Lesbian Dolphin In Heat with jetpacks costume mockup (center). Bluescreen photos (left and right). (Like a photo taken from a medical text book I've got a classic case of scoliosis with a lopsided mono-bun butt.) for the performance piece, The Future.


Intergalactic Lesbian Dolphin In Heat illustration (top and bottom left) and costume sketch (right) for the performance piece, The Future.


Yummy Starburst Fruitchew You illustration (top left), Itchy Halcogenic fractal of self consumption. illustration (bottom left) for the Crackrock Jackpot. Re-do 720 costume sketch. 500 pixels. Reprocess scan at 720.


You Are Responsible For Operating Your Own Brain illustration (top left), Knowledge Oxide Fuel Injection System illustration (bottom left), and costume sketch (right) where I first got the "mufflers coming out of my ass" flash of brillance.


Knowledge oxide fuel injection system emulating out of my own body cavity. Final "to scale" inking.


Nitrous Oxide Black widow spider illustration (left), and costume sketch (right).


The robot Maria from Fritz Lang's Metropolis (left) was the inspiration for the costume sketch of A.L.I.C.E. (center and right). Created for A.L.I.C.E. or Cyber-sex With A Chatterbot.

"I'm not into female impersonation as such, but tonight, just to funk you up, I’m going to rock the new technology, entertaining you with an internet web browser, as I have cyber-sex with myself impersonating an artificially intelligent, barely-legal female computer entity named A.L.I.C.E. This is called, Cyber-sex With A Chatterbot."


Mockup for larger jetpack I may need to blast out of more powerful gravity fields.


Costume harness for modular velcro DNA upgrade.


>> work in progress <<



Costume creation technique evolution. Freehanding like painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Life-size cardboard silhouette. Blue screen, re-scan into computer and project.


Add Maria the robot for Metropolis for inspiration.

Add A.L.I.C.E. website picture.

Add beginning and ending.

"Endless forms most beautiful." Charles Darwin. Add image?

The I am still suffering from the florquinolone drug reaction hell-ride, I probabaly will never get to build these, so sad : (

Because of this floroquinolone hell-ride negative drug reaction. I have fallen behind the advancing pop culture conciousness. I was devising the modular body parts costume concept as of the modular nature of DNA was being discovered. I was insync with the universe. Then I fell behind, years later the video game Spore came out, and I still have not produced a modular body-part show. So sad : (

Costume show goal: constantly morphing creature. Starting with a sperm. Like advances in DNA research. Rage of bass in your face.

Beginning: Hyper-kinetic Goblin of Fun Sperm-man

Sperm father story.

End: Gene-spliced cyborg Angel

William Blake angel image. Gene-spliced cyborg. What is a Drop Bass Network? text.


Fix resolution of Georges Melies Hands Richter quote, add where?

Shift of creative focus: motion to transforms.

Tighter concepts/content info-twist.

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