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introduction: finger-wigglin' hyper-kinetic goblin of fun question?

I always function best as a blur. Here I am as a finger-wigglin' hyper-kinetic goblin of fun. Photo: Angie Mamrot.


Why an autobiography? In 2004, I had a life-changing, prescription drug reaction that almost killed me. It made me ask, "What is my life?" Writing this autobiography has turned into revealing life-therapy. Life is a series "pivotal moments," moments of clarity that lead to sublime peak-times. My life has always been a scramble to learn and apply knowledge "in the moment" to survive. I've worked so quickly, I never realized all my decisions fit into a "grand scheme" I was completely unaware of. What a surprise! I learned with everything I did, like eating a sandwich, I took bigger and bigger bites, and in looking for that most flavorful best bite, you sometimes have to make sure there is no food poisoning at your local deli. Read on...to sad puppy-eyed learning disabled dyslexic daydreamers and mothmen from outerspace, "Say what?!"

(Since parts of this autobiography were written under the influence of a severe fluoroquinolone drug reaction (See Life-changing Drug Reaction), there are sections where the writing is disjointed, where I am struggling to get the facts out. These sections are obvious, but they get the job done, which is the important thing. I am constantly revising and upgrading this autobiography, so eventually these sections will disappear [hopefully].)

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