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cardboard & duct tape laser-cock rocks

"Rock your chakras in a spiritual climax so powerful you feel mother earth's uterus explode lovingly giving birth to a new-age Scooby Doo, AH-WHOO!" Thai Joe's, Beat Chemistry, 2002. Photo: Doug Krimmer.


With a desire to personify my own artwork, I started building costumes out of everyday objects with cardboard, duct tape, and velcro. I dressed in white long underwear and covered all costume elements with white duct tape to project visual patterns on to. My most popular costume was the Starship Trooper Butterfly which featured the "laser cock," a toilet plunger with a powerful laser built into it and a custom velcro strap-on belt.

"Building costumes out of everyday objects is more powerful than using costly molded forms seen in expensive Hollywood productions. For example, you can mold a custom fin out of fiberglass, which is really cool, but you can also use an old-school swim fin and modify it with duct tape. By association, the swim fin has more power: people recognize it, and seeing an everyday object in a fantastic drama makes peoples' everyday lives more fantastic, they will never look at a swim fin, stapler remover, or any other every day opject in the same way again, ha!"


My first costume, the Psychedelic Stingray of Love. Costume sketch (left) and final performance photo (right). This costume was created for Slow-dancing With Stingrays and the Mystical Mother Mary Blue Fairy Candy-girls which premiered at Walkers Point Center for the Arts.


The Happy Bumble Bee Baby illustration (left) and costume sketch with a diaper (center) somehow morphed into the Starship Trooper Butterfly with a laser-cock (performance photo right). This costume was created for Dream: Sunshowers of Daydreams Wonderful Weather Warning.


The laser-cock with high-power 5mW green laser. The laser-cock functions as a laser pointer in my show, but I can also shoot it inside a person's mouth in the audience from over a hundred feet away, their mouth and cheeks gowing with that weird sparklin' laser green light. The laser-cock is very popular and I have to continually remind people not to stick it in their mouth because of the health hazard. Nobody listens to me! So I have to wipe my saliva-drenched laser-dick off with alcohol to sanatize it. I wanted success doing performance art and I got it.


Wings with custom snap-on nylon harness.


Velcro helmet ready to accept antenna and other fantastic body parts!


The costume body parts: helmet, velcro antenna, safety glases, sholder pads, elbow pads, knee pads, long underwear, socks, sneakers.


Crow costume sketch (left), cardboard costume (center), and performance photo (right). This costume was created for when I hosted the 97.1 FM WMSE Friday Nigh Freakshow for the Halloween movie screening of The Crow.


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Psychedelic Stingray of Love costume story. Stingray creation story. Walkers Point Local Solo. This was my first performance costume was created for the Mystical Mother Mary Blue Fairy Candy Girls, when I first shined the oil lamp on it at Walkers Point Center for the Arts the effect blew me away.

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Stingray sketch. Add white space to left side of drawing?

Starship Trooper Butterfly costume and Laser-cock creation story. Total right brain. Sex toys for Superstars of Love show. Too tired to drive to Kenosa, went to hardware store instead.

Mr. Itchter demon of masturbation humiliation connection. I exercised the "Mr. Itch-ter demon of masturbation humiliation"

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Costume creation technique evolution. Freehanding like painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Life-size cardboard silhouette. Blue screen, re-scan into computer and project.

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