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Kurt Eckes, Drop Bass Network

From: jethrox <dropbass@dropbass.net>

Date: Mon Jan 5, 2004 2:25:52 AM America/Chicago

To: tj richter <tjrichter@mindplasma.net>, Jeff Monday <mastermonday69@hotmail.com>, atomly <atomly@atomly.com>, Jeff Bauman <wobblyhead@hotmail.com>, progressivep@addictrecords.com, j_spectra@yahoo.com

Subject: dbn.nye.ver11 thanks!!!

Before time gets away from me I wanted to send you a quick THANK YOU on behalf of myself and the rest of the Drop Bass Network crew for being part of our 11th annual DBN.NYE event Obstacle Allusion - Turn It Up To 11!

We had a great time NYE, it seems like most of the people there had a blast, and we hope you did to. We really needed another night like that and we're glad you were part of those good times.

We've received a lot of excellent feedback at the event, on our voicemails, via email, and in a number of Midwest scene forums. A lot of preparation and perspiration goes into these things we do and it's all worth it when we know people get something good out of it.

What did we think? It was one of our best NYE events in years. One thing we pride ourselves on is our production value and our ability to look at the event experience as a whole picture or artistic canvas. In that regard we felt the mission was accomplished. The music, sound, lights, video, decor, atmosphere, and vibe were all excellent and interacted well with one another and with a flow that worked. The music especially...we thought things just rocked solid all night in the main room. The other two rooms had it going on as well we're told, but we didn't get to check them out as much. There were moments where things just seemed as perfect as they've ever seemed...and that doesn't happen much anymore.

I wanted to give a special THANKS to all of you who helped make the return of the chill room possible. I walked by that room many times during the night and it wasn't empty once. Usually always full even. Most of the positive feedback we've received is about your room in particular. The words "fucking weird" come up a lot when people talk about it. The reality is this room is what Drop Bass Network is all about...taking things to the edge and then going just a little farther to see what will happen. You all pushed the envelope and then some! From Mixxmaster's rock and roll, wrestling, and beer to Passmore's delivery of the heady bacon goods to Atomly's experimental strip tease complete with full nudity to Jeff and Justin's impeccable taste in quality downtempo music put together oh so well. And of course the glue holding it all together (and at times not) in this wave space imagination, TJ Richter. You all kick ass, much respect for what you do! Seriously.

Well enough of the gobbley gook, hopefully our paths will cross again, I know they will...have a great 04.

and the rest of the Drop Bass Network

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